La Vela Bed & Breakfast. Furore, Amalfi Coast

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La Vela Bed & Breakfast
Furore - Salerno
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La Vela B&B. Furore, Amalfi Coast
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- By booking through you'll pay this hotel on check out.
- When your reservation is confirmed you will receive an e-mail confirmation that you will show when you check-in.
- To confirm your reservation you are kindly requested to send your credit card infos, please note that your card will not be charged before your stay, just a check of the validity of the card will be performed. You will pay the B&B directly IN CASH when you check in.
Mauro - accommodations editor

The cost includes
private bathroom, hairdryer, Italian breakfast, taxes and services

Credit cards
Visa, Mastercard


Cancellation policy  
From To Penalty
reservation 04 days before check in 0%
03 days 01 day before check in 01 night
after/no show   01 night

Payment policy  
At reservation Check In
credit card as guarantee only Final Payment:
100% in cash only

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