Pietradonica Bed and Breakfast in Ischia Island - Naples, Italy

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Pietradonica B&B
Ischia Island - Naples
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Pietradonica B&B, Ischia Island, Naples, Italy
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- By booking through NaplesClick.com you'll pay this hotel on check out.
- When your reservation is confirmed you will receive an e-mail confirmation that you will show when you check-in.
- To confirm your reservation you are kindly requested to send your credit card infos, please note that your card will not be charged before your stay, just a check of the validity of the card will be performed. You will pay the hotel directly when you check out.
Paola - accommodations editor

The cost includes
private bathroom, continental breakfast and taxes included

Credit cards
Visa, Mastercard


Cancellation policy  
From To Penalty

31 days before check in

30 days

15 days before check in

15 days

01 days before check in

after/no show   100%

Payment policy  
At reservation Check Out
20% of your total stay Final Payment:
80% by credit card or cash

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